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According to NCA Survey Report of 2014, the construction sector depends mainly on unskilled laborers, who account for 42% of the employed labor force within the sector. Skilled workers account for 25% whilst Semi-skilled workers are 33%. Women are underrepresented in all the categories with a proportion of 19%. In the same report, The skills gap in the sector is reported to be dominated by Plumbers accounting for 24%, Electricians 23%, Welders 13%, Masons 12%, Carpenters and Painters 10% each, Machine/Plant Operators 2%, Interior specialist artisans 2%, Aluminum fabricators 1% and site supervisors 1%. It is in this regard that TMF purposes to bridge the skill gap while at the same time investing in the target group.

TMF has initiated participation and collaboration between Government, the Private sector, ordinary citizens of Kenya and the International community, to bridge the gap – through recruitment, training and placement. The following questions are critical in the impact evaluation of TMF’s initiatives: Do They:

  • Participate in, perpetuating a mentality of entitlement and laziness or empowerment and hard work?
  • Create dependency and reliance or independence and self- sufficiency?
  • Benefit only a few or all members of society?

We also understand that if we do not address the root causes of our problems, we will not bring effective and lasting change.

Our Vision

To be an enabler, improve livelihoods and promote dignity through self-sustainable initiatives.

Our Mission

To provide support for improved and sustainable socio-economic status.

Our Purpose

To improve livelihoods, promote dignity and provide access to socio-economic opportunities.


Our values Integrity, Resilience, Quality, Equity, Access.

About Us

TMF is a Kenyan based non- profit organization established in 2020 under the Registrar of Company Act as the social arm of Mwembe and Mwembe Associates Company Limited. We seek to transform the lives and livelihoods of the unskilled and semi-skilled laborers in the construction Industry through the implementation of sustainable initiatives.

We believe that construction forms the basis for the promotion of sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all. It’s in this realization that we invest in the target group who have an interest in the industry, but lack resources. This opportunity equips them with the required skills as well as accord them an opportunity for employment.

The foundation forges strategic partnerships with development partners, governments, the private sector, local and international organizations to strengthen its operations. Through such initiatives, TMF is committed to impacting the lives of the majority of Kenyans by 2050.

As a foundation, scholarship, training and accreditation are the primary focus areas of our initiatives to invest in individuals, families and communities. Technology and Skills Development will be key drivers of success and will underpin each initiative.